Architectural Models

We specialize in creating presentation-quality architectural models. with extensive experience and knowledge of various construction methods and material finishes.

Site Development

We can create large or small site models featuring your building development plans. Models can range from diagrammatic to detailed and realistic.

Trade Shows

A physical model is the best tool to showcase your company’s services or products. We can build realistic trade show models to any scale or actual size.

Courtroom Props

Use a model to make your case in court. Our physical models are great communication tools that help a jury clearly understand your argument.

Augmented Reality

We use physical models overlaid with augmented reality to project multiple digital models in physical space. This is a great way to impress a client and bridge the gap between the digital design and physical model.

Model Restoration

Specializing in museum and architectural presentation, we can restore models of any age to their original condition.

Site model of U.S. Department of Homeland Security Office Park